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2011 Kerala Spiritual Adventure

Vedic Odyssey Spiritual Adventures takes their group to Kerala on a 2-week meditation retreat in SOuth India

We are happy to announce our next spiritual adventure, this time to the beautiful state of Kerala in South India in April/May of 2011. Kerala is a mellow and gentle introduction to India for all first time visitors.

Bright, colorful and saturated in sounds and smells to tantalize your every sense, with exotic foods to take you on a culinary voyage all its own, friendly locals with warm smiles, Kerala will charm and mystify you in every way. It is no wonder the locals call their state God’s Own Country.

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Fort KochiPeriyar

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Among the Highlights

AyurvedaMorning with ElephantsTea Plantations

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Steeped in spirituality...
A large clay Ganesha, God of Obstacles, stands guard at the entrance to a hotel in Fort Kochi.
An archive of impressions...
For centuries traders and conquerers from as far as Britain, Portugal, China and Netherlands have made Kerala their home.
Meandering backwaters...
An almost endless system of waterways meanders through Kerala.
Rich in culture...
A Kathakali dancer applies makeup for a performance. Kathakali is a traditional dance from Kerala noted for its attractive make-up of characters, colorful costumes and detailed gestures.
India's longest lake...
A view of Lake Vembanad, India's longest lake, from the shores in Alleppey.
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