Testimonials from Youth Education

Hi Dandapani,

I have a wonderful anecdote to share with you today, from our music teacher, Jeannette. Yesterday, many of the (4th grade) students performed in a Winter Concert (singing and playing instruments). They performed twice, once for the school, and the second time was for the parents in the evening. Apparently, our students had such a good time with the meditation you lead (it made such an impression on them), that they proposed to the music teacher to have a meditation session before each performance, to calm their nerves and get them ready to perform!

For each meditation, a child from one of our classes lead the whole group (at least 40+ kids), in a round of breathing, and they said exactly what you said: "breathe in and out, get a good thought, hold on to it..."

What was so funny was the music teacher had not been to our meditation but when she told me about it, the words were exactly as you had said them! How fabulous! I just thought you should know what a success the time with you really was for them.

Many thanks again,
Natalie S., Village Community School, NYC

Here are extracts from a few of the notes of appreciation and gratitude that I received from various Hindu youth during summer camps conducted in Pittsburgh and West Virginia over the last few years.

Dear Dandapaniji or Dear DPG…

"…you came into my life when I needed help the most…I do feel blessed to have someone like you in my life that listens and helps me find solutions and is a friend to me. You're a REAL rockstar…"

"…You are the first person that has truly made me feel like a good Hindu through my every day actions and decisions. …As a teenager I know I make things over dramatic…but you take me seriously and make me feel as though my opinions/actions/decisions/thoughts truly matter. You helped me through a very difficult time last year, and the way you affected my thought process has really changed the way I look at everything. Thank you for inspiring me."

"…You put the entire religion into a perspective that fits my lifestyle completely…"

"DPG, thank you for teaching so many different things this week and for being insanely awesome."

"…I appreciate how you are always patient with us."

"…I gathered more from this week than my past 9 years at camp combined…I'm indebted to you for your advice on all matters. I felt like your lessons called out to me personally and will affect my future greatly. I really can't wait to see you next year."

"In terms of teaching and learning things in camp this was the best year by far. I learned how to apply Hindu traditions in a way that would enhance my life…Overall, camp would not be the same without you because of the way you help every individual person in camp with their own problems. I hope you come back to SV Temple camp for many years so that the campers will actually benefit from the classes."

"Thank you for teaching us how Hinduism can be used in everyday life. You have made what used to be a 2 hour class of boring lectures to a fun and interesting class that seems to go by in 10/20 minutes…It is nice because you have gone through a similar lifestyle and can/have pointed out main points of Hinduism that can help us deal with our parents, friends and people who we don't necessary get along with…"

"…I would also really appreciate it if you would be willing to come back to camp next year and help us continue our spiritual as well as our life journeys….thanks again."

"You're the BEST! Thanks so so much for all of your teachings. They are honestly so applicable to life and I really appreciate that. You are awesome and hilarious but also teach amazing lessons that have stayed with me for the past 3 years and will remain with me in my mind throughout my life. Thanks also for looking out for me and asking if I was alright after that serious discussion. It's great to know that there's someone to talk to…"

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